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Accu Web Hosting offers reliable and affordable website hosting services with a personal touch. For over 15 years, Accu Web Hosting has built a reputation for outstanding uptime, superb customer support, and fair pricing by crafting web hosting solutions custom-fit to each client’s specific needs.


Whether you need hosting for a simple small business site, an ecommerce store, a blog, or an online application, Accu Web Hosting has the experience and infrastructure to ensure your site runs fast, securely, and seamlessly without disruption. They use the latest proven technology and high-performance hardware to provide lightning-quick page loading, unparalleled security, daily backups, and scalable plans designed for growth.


At Accu Web Hosting, we aim to offer far more than just web hosting. We provide a partnership focused on your long-term success, guided by expertise and dedicated to helping you establish and strengthen your online presence. With Accu Web Hosting, you get an hassle-free hosting experience along with steadfast support and recommendations to help your website thrive and reach its full potential.

Hosting Plans

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting refers to a hosting model where multiple websites reside on the same server. Accu Web Hosting provides affordable shared hosting plans with robust infrastructure and 24/7 support.


Accu Shared Hosting plans offer disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, databases, and website building tools that allow you to get your website up and running quickly and easily. The plans start at just $4.99/month and include features like unlimited email accounts, websites, databases, subdomains, and bandwidth. Accu also provides free website builder tools, WordPress installations, and email setup to simplify the process of creating your website and online presence.


Accu Shared Hosting is built on enterprise-grade hardware with SSD storage, quad-core processors, and redundant power supplies to ensure maximum uptime and performance. Accu’s networks are built on 10 Gbps fiber optic connections to provide fast page load times and a reliable platform for your website. Accu also partners with leading security companies to provide advanced malware detection, firewalls, and other protections against threats.


With Accu Shared Hosting, you get affordable hosting with the resources and performance you need to run your website. Accu offers customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any questions or issues. You also get free website builder tools, WordPress, email, databases and more with each plan. Accu is committed to providing a great hosting experience with robust infrastructure, security, support and value. Accu Shared Hosting is an excellent, budget-friendly choice for running your website.


VPS Web Hosting

A VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting plan from Accu offers more resources and control than a shared hosting plan. A VPS hosts your website on a virtual server, giving you dedicated resources like CPU, memory, storage, and bandwidth. This provides more stability, speed, and flexibility than shared hosting.


Accu VPS plans start at just $29.95/month and come with features like root access, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, free website builder, email, and more. Plans range from basic VPS hosting up to high-performance plans with fast CPU and lots of RAM for powerful, resource-intensive websites. You can scale up or down at any time based on your needs.


Accu VPS plans offer unmatched performance for running websites, databases, applications, ecommerce stores, and more. Our VPS servers are built with Intel Xeon processors, SSD storage, and 10G networking equipment to ensure fast speeds, uptime, and reliability. With a VPS from Accu, you’ll get hardware-level security, redundancy, and 24/7 monitoring to fully protect your account and services.


In addition to robust infrastructure and security, Accu also provides outstanding customer support. As with Accu shared hosting, you get 24/7/365 support to help you setup and manage your VPS account. We offer live chat, phone and email support from experienced servers engineers and administrators. They can assist with installation, troubleshooting issues, recommendations for optimization resources, as well as general questions about features, resources and best practices.


Accu VPS hosting is an affordable, trusted choice for powering dynamic websites, mission-critical applications, and growing businesses. Our VPS plans offer unmatched performance, security, and service at accessible price points. You get dedicated resources, full root access, unlimited bandwidth, and free domain registration* with every plan. Paired with great support, Accu VPS hosting can help you achieve more with your website and online presence. Contact Accu today to discuss VPS plans and find the best solution for your needs.


Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting provides you with your own isolated server to host one or more websites. Accu dedicates servers with specific hardware configurations based on your requirements, offering maximum security, performance and resource availability. Our dedicated hosting plans start at just $99/month.


Accu dedicated servers offer the latest Intel Xeon processors, ample memory (8-64GB RAM), choice of disk (HDD or SSD), unlimited bandwidth and storage, and redundant power supplies for maximum uptime. You get full administrative access to customize your server as needed using any operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.) and software stack. This is an ideal solution for large, complex websites, security-sensitive platforms, high-traffic apps, and business-critical applications.


Some key benefits of Accu Dedicated Hosting in paragraph form:


Accu Dedicated Hosting delivers isolation from other accounts, providing complete isolation for enhanced security and stability. With full access, you customize everything from the OS and applications to security configurations, choosing Microsoft Windows or Linux and whichever tools work best for your needs.


Dedicated servers offer much more RAM, storage, CPU power, and bandwidth than shared or VPS hosting, scaling to meet the demands of fast-growing, resource-intensive websites. Extra features like RAID storage, redundant network equipment, and constant monitoring maximize uptime and minimize downtime.


A dedicated server will always outperform shared or VPS hosting for fast page loading, seamless interactivity, handling load spikes and more. As with all Accu hosting plans, Accu Dedicated Hosting includes free 24/7/365 support from experienced engineers to help setup and manage your dedicated server. You access live chat, phone, and email support.


Accu Dedicated Hosting delivers the most robust, highest-performing hosting solution with massive resources, flexibility and control to power even the biggest, most complex websites and mission-critical applications. It is the best choice for businesses, professionals and technical users with substantial needs. Contact Accu today to discuss dedicated server plans and find one that is right for you.


WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress is the world’s most popular website content management system. Accu Web Hosting provides affordable WordPress hosting for individuals, agencies, and businesses. Our WordPress hosting plans offer one-click WordPress installation, regular automatic updates, search engine optimization features, committed WordPress resources, and 24/7 support from WordPress experts.


Accu offers WordPress shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server plans with features tailored to WordPress users. Shared WordPress hosting starts at just $4.95/month and includes 20GB storage, 2GB RAM, and free SSL certificate.

VPS WordPress hosting provides dedicated CPU and RAM starting at $29.95/month. Dedicated WordPress hosting offers a whole server with customized specs from $99/month up. Plans include free website migration, email setup, one-click installations, and automatic WordPress updates.


Accu uses robust, scalable infrastructure for high performance, reliability and security at affordable prices, perfect for handling traffic spikes and site growth. Accu automatically updates WordPress software and all WordPress plugins and themes to the latest versions for enhanced security, performance, and feature improvements without requiring manual updates.

Accu employs search engine optimization best practices to boost your WordPress site’s rankings in Google and other search engines, including optimized DNS, sitemaps, XML files, internal linking, and more.


Experienced WordPress developers provide 24/7 phone, email and chat support to help you with any issues using WordPress, choosing WordPress features, integrating third-party plugins and themes, migration or setup questions, and more.


We handle migrating your existing website to our WordPress hosting quickly and easily at no additional cost. We support migrating from shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.


Installation of the latest WordPress version is a single click with automatic setup of database, tables, user and permissions. No technical knowledge is required.


Accu WordPress Hosting provides an ideal environment for building, managing and growing dynamic websites. Our commitment to WordPress, affordable pricing, advanced features and superior support make us the best choice for WordPress users of any skill level. Contact Accu today to learn more and activate your WordPress hosting.


Reseller Web Hosting

Accu Reseller Web Hosting is for those looking to start their own web hosting business by purchasing wholesale web hosting solutions from Accu. As an Accu Reseller, you get access to our affordable shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server plans which you can resell to your own customers, often at a higher profit margin. You maintain control over accounts, pricing, branding and more while leveraging Accu’s resources and expertise.


Accu provides wholesale hosting starting at just $2.95/month for shared plans and $15/month for VPS plans which you can resell for $4.95/month and $29.95/month respectively with a profit of around 67%. Dedicated server plans start at $75/month wholesale and can generate $99/month in end customer pricing. There are no long-term contracts, so you are free to adjust pricing or switch providers at any time.


Accu offers generous profit margins as high as 70% so almost 2/3 of your revenue goes straight to your bottom line. As an Accu Reseller, you maintain full control over the pricing, packaging, branding and positioning of the hosting solutions you resell. We act solely as a wholesale provider.


You have access to a dedicated account manager who helps you onboard as an Accu Reseller, walks you through integrating with Accu’s APIs and systems, and offers ongoing support to help grow your business. Your customers access Accu’s 24/7 support resources, but you retain full control over support experience and contacts.


Accu offers commissions of up to 50% for any new wholesale suppliers or resellers you refer, allowing you to expand your business by leveraging Accu’s platform and resources. Accu has robust APIs and integration support to easily resell our solutions. Our team helps integrate with Accu’s systems and launch your reseller business quickly without penalty or long-term contracts. You are free to leave Accu’s reseller program at any time.


Accu Reseller Hosting gets you into the managed hosting business with minimal costs and risk. Contact Accu today to learn more about becoming an Accu Reseller and starting your own profitable web hosting company. We provide the wholesale solutions and support so you can focus on growing your business.


Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud Web Hosting allows you to run websites and applications on cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Accu offers managed cloud hosting solutions built on AWS and Azure, providing an easy transition from traditional web hosting to the cloud. Our cloud hosting plans offer flexibility, scalability and advanced features ideal for development, testing, backup storage or fully migrating production websites to the cloud.


Cloud resources are virtually unlimited and can scale up or down quickly based on your needs. Easily increase CPU, memory, storage or networking capacity and only pay for what you use. Cloud hosting gives you flexibility in configuration, deployment and management. You have full control over OS, software stacks, networking and more using a cloud vendor’s broad set of services and features.


Cloud hosting provides built-in disaster recovery capabilities and durable storage. Easily back up your entire environment or leverage replication across availability zones for high availability. Take advantage of advanced cloud capabilities like compute optimization, containerization, serverless computing, cloud object storage, databases, load balancers, and more. Accu helps you implement the right solutions and technologies for your needs.


Accu provides 24/7 phone and email support for all our cloud hosting plans. Our engineers are experts in AWS and Azure, and help you set up accounts, configure deployments, integrate services, optimize costs, ensure security, and troubleshoot issues. You often pay less per GB/hour of compute or storage in the cloud versus on-premises servers. And you only pay for what you use instead of buying capacity upfront, translating to major cost savings, especially for seasonal or peak load periods.


Easily launch/delete cloud environments to test architectures, migrations strategies or proof of concepts at a low cost. Then scale up only the environments that work for your needs.


With Accu Cloud Hosting, you get an easy and affordable path to leveraging the power of cloud computing. Contact Accu today to learn more about cloud hosting plans on AWS or Azure and how we can help you optimize costs, flexibility and scalability. Accu delivers cloud solutions and support so you can focus on innovation and growth. We provide the expertise and management so you can spend your time developing applications, not infrastructure.


Building a Website

As an affordable, reputable web host, Accu makes it easy to build high-quality websites. Whether you’re a novice builder or experienced developer, Accu provides the tools and resources you need at each stage of the process. Our shared hosting plans, which start at just $4.95/month, include free website builder tools that require no coding or technical skills to get started.


Accu’s powerful and intuitive website builder lets you drag and drop page elements to create beautiful HTML pages without any HTML or CSS coding. You have access to hundreds of customizable templates, widgets, images and more to build a unique site. Website builders allow beginners to prototype ideas quickly or fully develop sites on a budget.


For users with moderate technical abilities, Accu provides one-click WordPress installs, managed upgrades and 24/7 WordPress support. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, perfect for creating blogs, online resumes, small business websites, ecommerce stores and more. With WordPress and Accu as your host, you get an easy-to-use content editor and tools for search engine optimization, shopping carts, membership sites, forums and form handling.


For expert developers, Accu hosts provide robust infrastructure with resources for running sophisticated environments, complex applications and high-traffic websites. Accu engineers have expertise in Linux, Windows, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Git, PHP and more. Dedicated and VPS plans offer dedicated IP addresses, SSD storage, powerful CPUs and customized configurations tailored to your needs. Full root access allows unrestrained control over software installations, system settings and technical integrations.



No matter your technical skills or project scope, Accu delivers affordable, reliable and scalable hosting to help you build the website you envision. We provide a flexible set of tools, resources and support for prototyping ideas, developing simple content sites, running ecommerce stores or powering enterprise platforms. Whether you choose shared hosting, WordPress, a VPS or dedicated server, Accu ensures your site will launch quickly, run securely and meet the demands of growth and success.

E-Commerce and Security Options

Accu offers affordable yet robust web hosting perfect for powering ecommerce stores and securing your business online. Our shared hosting plans start at just $4.95/month and include everything you need to get an online store up and running, from free SSL certificates and shopping cart software to 24/7 support.


An SSL certificate encrypts communications between your customers’ browsers and your website, protecting sensitive information like payment details, account numbers and passwords. Accu includes free SSL certificates with all shared and WordPress hosting plans for added security and trust. Customers prefer shopping on sites with SSL for a safe and legitimate experience.


OpenCart and Magento are popular open-source ecommerce platforms that install easily on Accu WordPress hosting. They provide intuitive store builders, products management, robust shopping features, branded checkout pages, extensive payment integrations and more. Databases and optimized WordPress configurations handle high volumes without impacting page load times or site performance.


For larger stores or more complex systems, Accu offers affordable VPS and dedicated server plans with dedicated resources. These provide unlimited bandwidth, SSD storage, powerful CPUs and full root access for installing any ecommerce software or custom solutions. Accu VPS and server plans start at just $29.95/month and $99/month respectively, delivering enterprise-level performance at a budget-friendly price.


Accu actively scans websites for malicious code and removes any threats to help prevent hacking or fraud. For high-risk ecommerce stores, Accu offers optional manual audits to identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure best practices are followed. Accu can enable daily automatic patching of OS, software and security updates on dedicated servers to keep systems up-to-date and protected.


Accu shared and WordPress hosting includes inherent protections against common DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, while dedicated servers offer enhanced DDoS mitigation solutions. Accu continuously monitors accounts for suspicious activity that could indicate hacking attempts, malware infections, spamming or other threats. Accu promptly investigates any potential security issues.



Accu delivers the hosting and services your ecommerce business needs to stay secure, scale smartly and thrive online. Contact Accu today to discuss ecommerce hosting plans, additional security features or managed services that provide protection and peace of mind. Accu powers innovative ideas and helps make them reality.

Terrific Uptime

Terrific uptime is Accu’s guarantee for reliable, available web hosting. We operate high-availability data centers with advanced infrastructure and redundancy features to minimize downtime and ensure your site is online and operational whenever your visitors arrive. Accu offers 99.9% uptime guarantees on all shared hosting, WordPress, VPS and dedicated server plans.


Accu data centers utilize multiple internet service providers, power generators and cooling systems to avoid service outages from network connectivity loss, electricity or climate control system failures. Critical infrastructure is replicated across sites so there are no single points of failure. We passionately commit to uptime and protect our customers’ ability to run their businesses, engage audiences and achieve success online.


Backup power systems like uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) provide immediate backup power in the event of a power outage. Backup generators automatically kick in for extended power loss. Alternative cooling systems prevent overheating, which could damage equipment. Regular disaster recovery testing validates redundant setups and ensures we can restore service quickly after an extremely rare outage.


Databases, application files and other important data are continuously backed up and stored off-site in geographically separate locations. Accu performs daily backups for basic shared hosting, with more frequent backups for higher-end plans. Immediate restores are guaranteed in the unlikely event of data loss or corruption.


Network design with high-speed, low-latency connectivity provides fast page loads and minimizes latency that could impact application responsiveness or real-time features. Dedicated bandwidth and high bandwidth plans are available for bandwidth-intensive uses like streaming media, file sharing or software as a service applications.



The Accu support team is available 24/7/365 to respond promptly to any issues impacting account access or performance. We aim to detect and fix issues within minutes to hours to reduce downtime risks. Professional support engineers have expertise across our managed technology stack and work efficiently to diagnose problems, determine solutions and implement fixes.

Excellent Customer Service

Accu is passionately committed to outstanding customer service and support. We aim to provide fast, friendly and helpful service to make hosting easy, reduce hassle and keep customers happy. The Accu customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and resolves issues promptly using our deep knowledge of web hosting and technical solutions.


Accu support engineers are experts in our company’s web hosting plans, resources and infrastructure. They can quickly diagnose problems, determine solutions and implement fixes to minimize account downtime or performance impacts. Support is available via phone, email and live chat for convenient communication and immediate responses during business hours or at any time.



We proactively monitor accounts for potential issues that could affect access, performance or security. Preventative maintenance is performed regularly on a schedule that minimizes account impact. Software and security patches are applied automatically to help prevent vulnerabilities that lead to website hacking or fraud. Monitoring also allows for fast response in the unlikely event of unexpected problems.

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A Terrific Web Host

Accu Terrific Web Hosting provides affordable yet robust hosting solutions perfect for launching and growing websites. Our shared hosting plans start at just $4.95/month and include features like free website builder tools,WordPress installs, 24/7 support and 99.9% uptime guarantees. Whether you need hosting for a simple content site, ecommerce store, blog or enterprise application, Accu delivers terrific performance and value.


Accu utilizes advanced data center infrastructure with redundant power systems, networking equipment, storage arrays and climate controls to minimize downtime risks and ensure fast page loads, application responsiveness and database throughput. Mission-critical components are replicated across data centers, sites and availability zones for high availability without single points of failure. Rapid issue diagnosis, patching and preventative maintenance help keep infrastructure secure and optimized.



Accu offers optional WordPress hosting with one-click WordPress installs and automatic updates for ease of use and enhanced security. OpenCart, Magento, Drupal and more are also easily installed on Accu WordPress or shared hosting plans for running ecommerce stores, content management, forums, blogs and custom software solutions. Accu further provides affordable VPS and dedicated server plans with dedicated resources for larger or more complex sites and systems.



Shared hosting plans start at just $4.95/month and include 20GB storage, 2GB RAM, free SSL Certificate, daily backup, 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support. WordPress hosting adds automated WordPress setup and updates. VPS plans from $29.95/month provide dedicated CPU and RAM. Dedicated servers start at $99/month with customized specs, SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth.